Nordstrom Sale Picks

Let me be honest, this is my first year every actually shopping this sale...YAYYY! I think since having kids my love for clothing and my own personal wardrobe has been replaced by finding cute clothes for them! So I sat down and looked at what I really needed/wanted and found a few items that I LOVE and are on really good sale! Simply click on the photo below to shop.

Some of these items I've listed are things I already own, some I purchased in the sale and some that I hope to still get! A lot of what I wanted in the sale was already sold out, and I'm kind of stingy when it comes to buying things that I know I can find elsewhere or for a better deal! So these items are things that I really think are worth it!

Also note, that by clicking the link and purchasing an item from my site provides me a small percentage of commission which is helping support and provide for my family! I am so grateful to those who stopped by today to check out my post and especially to those who shopped my top picks! I hope you love them as much as I do! Enjoy!

PANT Picks
TOP Picks

Happy shopping! I'd love to hear what you bought, or any must have you items you got this year! Come comment on my instagram or send me a message!