Weekly Wants: ASOS Style

ASOS is having a big sale right now. I shop here a lot for basics, oversized sweaters, loungewear! I usually have pretty good luck with everything that I pick and their returns are super easy which is something I LOVE about them. I’ve rounded up a few of my top picks, lots of it geared towards fall. I’m loving the wide leg pants, high waisted pants, crop tops, and really anything athleisure lol

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Five tips for styling your bump for the Holidays

Featuring my new HAPP brand diaper bag

Today I’m sharing some looks I put together with a few new and old items to style my 37 week bump for the Holidays! I know I won’t be pregnant anymore when that time comes, but so many of you are so this post is for you, plus a lot of what I am wearing can be worn or create similar outfits without a bump.

How to Style

  1. Keep it simple. I’ve said this in just about every family photo post I’ve written in the last few weeks. Gather items you already have first.. then look at what you could add to your outfit and go from there. This will help you save time and money and aimlessly looking at stuff you may or may not need!

  2. Layering is great for the Holidays, not only to hide that Holiday pouch lol but it’s nice to have the option to put more layers on or take them off when your out at gatherings. You never want to be that one in that super cute sweater, but it’s ungodly itchy and you didn’t wear anything under it so you can’t enjoy your time because all you’re thinking about is taking it off!

  3. Dress yourself first! Get yourself ready first. Sure, you can set out everyones outfits before you leave for a Holiday get together, but I know as a mom I struggle with getting everyone ready and then leave myself like 5 minutes to put myself together and I feel rushed and not pretty at all. If you get yourself ready first, even if you don’t get dressed you will at least be ready for when the time comes to get dressed and walk out the door!

  4. Plan ahead. Don’t expect to just pick out your outfits the day of Christmas or whatever event you’re going to and think you won’t be stressed out by that. YOU WILL FOR SURE BE STRESSED OUT! Especially because us as women need like an hour to try and retry our outfits on to be sure we feel good and look our very best! Start thinking about what your family will wear, if it’s important to you, and start setting those items aside and then order a few new items or pieces to complete the look!

  5. Lastly, go prepared! I know for me, we will have 3 kids 3 and under so I will for sure be packing my diaper bag full of snacks, bottles, small toys for them to play with, blankies, and pajamas for when we have long drives home or we’re out too late!

    One thing I love about our HAPP brand diaper bag is how much it fits in it, yet how stylish and functional it is. I love that it’s a backpack, so I’m not drug down by one side and it’s flopping all over and hitting my legs. I also like how sleek it is, it’s not only super cute for me to carry but Jay doesn’t mind carrying it either. It’s easy to wipe down, and for me since I have the black color it hides dirt and grime nicely! The gold zippers are just my style and I like that it has a full zipper to close off the top so nothing can fall out. It has many compartments and pocket holders to place bottles in and all of that extra Holiday stuff we’ll be bringing along!

Thank you HAPP brand for the beautiful diaper bag! I am excited to use it this Holiday season as it pairs nicely with everything and is the perfect addition to my Holiday looks. They have so many options for you shop for and the best part is they can all double as just a bag if you don’t need it as a diaper bag anymore! You can shop my exact diaper bag HERE. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and got some fun ideas for the Holidays that are just around the corner! This backpack would also make the perfect Christmas gift, or baby shower gift for those special mamas that are due around the most wonderful time of the year!



ASOS Picks

I’ve been loving ASOS for a while now. They have a great selection of maternity wear and all around good selection for all occasions. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites below! As for sizing, I feel like they usually run a little bit bigger so I tend to size down 1 unless pregnant or wanting it in a larger fit!

Thanks for stopping, Happy Shopping!

xoxo Mari

FALL-ing for cozy sweaters

Shop The Post

My scarf is from a friend, but last years season from Anthro. I haven’t been able to find anything similar, but I will keep on the hunt and post here once I do!

Winter is coming and yes I just started watching GAME OF THRONES and I’m addicted! Buuuttt that also means stocking up on all of the coziest, oversized sweaters I can find to help hide that holiday fupa I put on or postpartum belly I’ll be trying to loose! I don’t know about you but I love sweaters that dual as dressing up or down and when I mean oversized, I mean I like them to hang and be comfy. Not tight or form fitting. So when I buy my sweaters I actually like to size up unless it specifically says “oversized” I will buy a medium or even a large in some cases depending on the store.

The Sweaters below are some of the styles I’m oooohhhhing and aaahhhing over lately, pregnant or not they are adorable and soooo comfy!

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Monday & Happy Shopping!


Pink Blush Labor Day Sale!

Lately I've been wearing a ton of Pinkblush items and for good reason! They are reasonably priced, great quality and super cute for all stages of motherhood. They offer maternity, women's, plus sizes, and even children's clothing which makes it a great place to shop for all shapes and sizes! There are so many cute tops, dresses, and pants that I need to be pregnant like 5 more times for the amount of clothes I want from them. 

Labor Day means a HUGE PinkBlush Sale (30% off) using code: LABORDAY. There are so many cute options on major sale and they will go FAST so get them while you can! I plan to get a new robe for delivery and some lounge wear for after baby that is nursing friendly! I've linked my outfits and picks below for you to shop easy. To give you a better idea of what sizes to buy, I'm 5'6" and currently 160 pounds, wearing size small to medium, usual size is small or even extra small in some things. 

Use code: LABORDAY to get 30% off your order! 

This bodycon was adorable on, loved the ribbed texture. Wearing size Small in both dress and top

Bodycon Dress: Similar HERE // Similar HERE // Similar HERE

Striped Blouse: HERE // Similar HERE // Similar HERE

Literally have been living in this dress! Soooo comfortable, soft and flattering. Wearing size Small

Bodycon Dress: HERE // Similar HERE // Similar HERE

Obsessed with these maternity jeans! They fit perfectly (size 27 my normal size) and I loved the fringed hem.

Maternity Jeans: HERE // Similar HERE // Similar HERE

Maternity t-shirt: HERE // Similar HERE

I was hesitant about how these denim overalls would fit, but I actually loved them! They were lightweight, stretchy, and perfect for the fall. Wearing size medium.

Denim Overalls: HERE // Similar HERE

Ruched Tank: HERE // Similar HERE

There are so many cute tops, dresses, and pants that I need to be pregnant like 5 more times for the amount of clothes I want from here. I also love that a lot of the clothing can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy making it totally worth your money! I've linked some additional items that I am loving and can't wait to put in my cart during the sale! 

Click on the Pictures below to shop that exact item!





Nordstrom Sale Picks

Let me be honest, this is my first year every actually shopping this sale...YAYYY! I think since having kids my love for clothing and my own personal wardrobe has been replaced by finding cute clothes for them! So I sat down and looked at what I really needed/wanted and found a few items that I LOVE and are on really good sale! Simply click on the photo below to shop.

Some of these items I've listed are things I already own, some I purchased in the sale and some that I hope to still get! A lot of what I wanted in the sale was already sold out, and I'm kind of stingy when it comes to buying things that I know I can find elsewhere or for a better deal! So these items are things that I really think are worth it!

Also note, that by clicking the link and purchasing an item from my site provides me a small percentage of commission which is helping support and provide for my family! I am so grateful to those who stopped by today to check out my post and especially to those who shopped my top picks! I hope you love them as much as I do! Enjoy!

PANT Picks
TOP Picks

Happy shopping! I'd love to hear what you bought, or any must have you items you got this year! Come comment on my instagram or send me a message!