Dearest Norah

Hello! My mane is Michele Larson and have a daughter, Norah!

As a new mother I am passionate about sharing my new experiences that motherhood brings. Whether they are positive or negative. I want to Talk about my life and being a mom. In hopes other find comfort. This blog post is more about how my life has evolved and I wrote a poem for my daughter to help her be more resilient than I am!

In college, I set out to make a career within the field of psychology and public health. Hoping to bring awareness to mental health. I feel our society has become more open and receiving to the topic. At least, I have been drawn to those people. Believing that who I surround myself with defines my reality and how I see the world.

Well life occurred, and I am not the Psychology expert as I thought I would be . . .

Now, I work as an executive assistant and life is nothing like I would have expected or originally envisioned.

Since, most of you don’t know me. I would like to start by saying I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. Was an avid figure skater and ultimately that was the reason I wanted to pursue a career in mental health.  The sport was mentally challenging, and I thought young athletes needed better support than what we received when I was young. So fast forward- I moved to Arizona for my husband’s job.

The economy in Arizona is much different than in the MidWest area. Talk about hard knocks. After a year! A full year of serving food in restaurants (I have a master’s degree mind you) I finally landed a salaried job.  It was in nothing that I went to school for and got the job because of my experience in customer service. It was at Enterprise-Rent-A-Car. Where I worked 50+ hours a week and had to clean vehicles in 100+ degree weather. Not my ideal job. But hey I got a job and could finally start paying off my credit card and student loan debt!  Moving to Arizona and struggling to get on my feet has been one of the best blessings in disguise. I feel that my current career path is a better fit for my personality. I get to work full-time and will be able to bring my daughter to whatever activates she wants to partake in later in life.

While at Enterprise I learned that I enjoy business and would prefer to continue to pursue a career on that path.  I tapped into my Entrepreneurial spirit and really enjoy discussing business plans, growth estimation, and much more!

The year I was un-employed was rough. My husband had a job, but we had just bought our first home. So, all the hidden bills that first-time home owns experience were flooding in. Which is hard to pay off with one income. In addition, we were trying to plan a wedding. I still was serving and making less than when I was a master student. I guess that experience taught me how to budget much better and why I am so keen on finding deals when shopping or even buying basics like groceries!

So we had no money and I had no friends!

This was my first time moving across the country and I wasn’t very good at it! Although, I met people at work I wasn’t in the same life space as them. Working in restaurants many people want to go out and party. Where I already had done all that and was very social while attending college.  I wasn’t looking for that group. Rather I wanted life-long friends and people I could call over for low key snacks and a swim in the pool! Basically, what I had left behind in the Midwest. It was very hard to leave all my friends and sometimes I can’t help thinking that I moved at the absolute worst time. I missed out on friend’s weddings, graduations, bachelorette parties, cooking get- togethers. You name it. At least, we have social media to be there in spirit; but it still isn’t the same.

It has taken me time to find groups to join and attend fund events. Becoming a mother really has helped! There is just something so special about the mommy community. It is very inviting, supportive, and loving. I wish every person to find a community where they can be their most raw authentic self and feel whole heartedly 100 percent accepted as I have found.

What I am trying to share with all of you is that life doesn’t go as planned. Mine sure hasn’t yet it truly has turned out for the better! It taught me to roll with the punches and not stress so much about what is out of my control. I may not be going through the exact experiences as other mothers out there, but I have struggles too that in some way can relate to whatever it maybe you are going through. We are all in this together right?

As my daughter is becoming one in October! Yay! I am so excited to celebrate that day!

I wrote a poem to her conveying what I hope she gets out of life. Since she has her whole life ahead of her. It is not going to go as planned. There are going to be so many ups and downs. I truly want to raise her to be more resilient. Something I feel I wish I would have worked on more. One thing is for certain. I don’t know what the future holds.  Neither will my Dearest Norah. All we can do is try our best to be prepared and roll with the punches 😊

Dearest Norah,

What I want you to know most is life is going to be hard.

Oh so very hard little girl

But don’t let it wear you down


Yes, time will pass

And sometimes that’s all that will help

Oh but little girl

There are going to be amazing times

Years and years of amazing times

Your dad and I will make sure of it

What I hope for you most is you never fear


Go after those dreams

Tear them to pieces

Fail a million times

Get back up

You are persistent my Norah

Never lose that trait

That will get you far

Apply to everything

You’ll be all right


Yes, time will pass

What you should do

Just be yourself

Go on your adventures

Feel your soul

Go where it takes you

Engage in your interests


Time, is one thing you won’t get back

What I want to show you



Hard work



What I want you to teach me


Put down my damn phone

Be present

What you have already taught me

Unconditional love

Happy 1st birthday my purest love

XO Mommy

I am hoping she will find this inspirational. But who knows?  Not sure, when I will give this to her, but it will hopefully be a fun memory we share! I think I can manage to write one a year and save them in a box, but you know #momlife.

Thank you, Mari, for inspiring me to be my most authentic self and for the opportunity to show a bit of my WHY I wanted to start my blog.