Sonny's Nursery

I know what you’re thinking.. is it really necessary to have a new nursery for the THIRD baby?? Well yes, yes it is! You see, we lived in Grand Forks, ND after having Oliver and moved shortly after he was born so we never enjoyed that space. We also lived in Blaine, MN when Attikus was born but were renovating our “dream” home that we currently live in now at the time so I never got around to making a nursery in either house. Yes, he had his own space and a crib and a few trinkets, but I’ve never really had that nesting time to actually plan out a nursery and get things special for the new babes. So this time around I really wanted to, and that’s exactly what I did!

Don’t be fooled most of what I have in the nursery as far as large items like the crib, dresser, rocking chair and what not were used by both boys! For a while I was being crazy and wanted like all new stuff, but we payed a good penny for the current stuff and I do really like it so thankfully Jay knocked me off that crazy train.

I did get a few new items from Ikea like the natural wood shelves, wall book shelves plus a few new items from amazon that I will link below! As you can see I have a mixture of woods in the nursery and I am completely okay with that, I actually love the way it looks all put together.

Thanks Mariah from Love Big Live Small Photography for taking these adorable shots of sweet Sonny boys nursery! For inquiries click HERE

As always thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out Mariah’s work, she takes amazing photos and is soo soo nice. I hope you enjoyed a peek into Sonny’s nursery, if you have questions on certain items be sure to comment below and I’ll get back to you! If you loved today’s post be sure to like it and share it with your friends!

xoxo Mari