New Year Better for You

Happy New Year!! I’m not one to usually set resolutions, I just don’t like the commitment of sticking to something that I don’t know I will like doing lol So I try to set goals rather and hope that by the end of the year I’ve accomplished them.

This years Goals: 2019

  1. Parent with patience and positivity

  2. Play with my children more

  3. Live in the moment

  4. Go on more adventures

  5. Drink a shit ton of water

  6. Learn to love my body

  7. Read more, learn more

Last year however, I made a vow to myself to try and get rid of all the chemical based products in my house and switch to better skin care, beauty products, household products, and just all around safer for you ingredients. It took me ALL year to make the switch, it’s a big investment and very time consuming and I wanted to use up all my old products and gradually make the change so it wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg all at once. Back in August I became a Beauty Counter Consultant, you can read more about what it is and why I chose to use this line of products HERE, or you can shop Beauty Counter products HERE.

I also chose to become a Young Living Consultant, this is the area I’d love to grow in this year as I am not excellent at knowing what to do with it all. This is where I say that it is very time consuming. Making your own cleaners, knowing what oils go well with one another, knowing what oil to use when. It all takes a lot of time to research and money to buy everything to make them in. Pinterest is obviously my inspiration when I am looking at making something, and what I like to do is search “essential Oils blends for…….” and I put the word cold or for children or roller blends. This way recipes come up for exactly what I’m looking for! I buy all of my bottles and rollers from amazon. You can shop below… If you’re interested in buying products through me from Young Living, you can visit the site and use my member ID 13393894 at checkout!

Easy Immune Roller Blend


  • 20 drops lemon oil

  • 10 drops oregano oil

  • 10 drops thieves oil

  • 10 drops frankincense oil

  • 10 drops peppermint oil

  • 10 drops purification oil

  • coconut carrier oil


In 10ml amber roller bottle, add all oils listed above and mix together and label “immune blend”. In separate 10ml roller bottle add 15-20 drops of the immune blend, fill remainder with coconut carrier oil, shake, label and your done!

  • For children and infants: 1 drop essential oil per 1 Tbsp carrier oil is usually a safe rule to follow

  • For adults: 2 drops essential oil per tsp of carrier oil

Remember, essential oils are potent and a little amount goes a long way, meaning you don’t need very much to get the therapeutic benefits!

Last week when we were all sick with the flu, I woke up feeling achy and thinking I was also going to get the flu, but I applied this immune roller to the inside of my ankles and back of my neck and by the evening I wasn’t achy anymore.. I shit you not. This mixed with drinking lots of water, green tea, and taking my Emergen-C and placenta pills, to my surprise I never got it!

I wish you all the very best, Happy New Year to you and your family. Cheers to 2019!

xoxo Mari