Wagamon Family 8/2019

Erika has a way of capturing your family effortlessly. Her documentary/lifestyle type photos draw you in and make you relive that moment. That’s what I love about all of the pictures above, it’s our entire family, doing our thing, goofing around, not always cooperating or “cheesing” but that’s life and that’s how I want to remember us! Happy, chaotic, and loving.

Prior to our session I sent Erika some “mood board” inspo or photos that resembled the style, vibe that I was going for. I think that’s super important when taking family photos. You usually have an image or style that you are looking to recreate, so by giving your photographer those ideas, they can better please you by attempting to replicate those images. I say attempt because you’re session is not going to always go as planned, you may not get those “perfect” images, but if you provide your photographer with the ideas you have in mind, they will capture those images but specific to YOU and YOUR family which is the really neat thing about photography. So, take into effect that your kids will not be smiling 100%, you won’t get the perfect picture where everyone is looking, but you will get images of your family all together and that to me is soo sooo special.

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All photos taken by Erika Schmidt Photography or visit her instagram @holy_schmidt33

Email her at erika.schmidt333@gmail.com

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