Fall Family picture Outfit Ideas

When it comes to family pictures there is a sense of stress that comes along with it simply because you want to make those photos PERFECT and that usually means everyone cooperating, mother nature being good, and adorable outfits for the whole fam! I think I will split it up and share a couple different outfit ideas each week incase you don’t like what’s in todays post or aren’t the dress type of gal. So be looking for my upcoming Fall season Family photo shoot blog post, along with a couple tips that I usually like to do to help ease the stress!

Tip #1: First think of a COLOR PALLET you would like everyone to dress around. I usually stick to neutral colors, and then add in pops of colors. Think of tans, browns, whites, and then add in denim, mustard yellow, burnt orange, burgundy or navy (My favorite fall colors)

Tip #2: MIX AND MATCH. It’s okay to mix up your patterns and textures. For instance, I like to mix sweaters with denim, vests with cotton, stripes and flannel. Mix up the layers everyone is wearing to create depth.. add a vest on someone, or a sweater over your flannel, a hat or bonnet on your baby. It’s also okay to dress in a variety of one color. Last year I dressed Oliver in jeans, an ivory long sleeve, and a brown knit sweater.. and he was adorable!

TIP #3: COLORS MATTER. You will want to dress yourself in a different color than your significant other and your children. Do not all wear the same colors, you will all blend in together and there will be no depth to your photos. So DON’T dress yourself in a white top and your husband and baby that you will be holding in white because you will not have any definition to your body.. make your colors pop against each other! Notice here I am wearing an ivory top and Attikus is wearing a mustard yellow so that we pop when I’m holding him!

TIP #4: DRESS FOR THE SEASON. If you’re doing fall photos, pick more fall colors to accent the nature outside and the leaves changing and greens becoming more brown. Come prepared for colder weather and bring layers that you can take on and off to make a quick and easy outfit change without actually changing outfits. This is where a vest would be a great option to have on hand and put on half way through the session when the little one is too cold, or a bonnet for baby to add on half way through. That way you have some photos of what you really want them dressed in, but have the option to dress them warmer as well!

TIP #5: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY EVERYONE NEW HEAD TO TOE OUTFITS. Chances are you actually have pieces in your everyday closet that you can match together. Start there, pile everyones outfits together and then look at what your missing or could add to the outfits. A lot of times I pick neutral outfits for the boys, and then go buy Jay a new stripped or patterned shirt from Old Navy to help bring it all together.

Most everything listed below is from Old Navy , H&M or on sale! Just hover over the picture and it will show you the cost, where it’s from and then from there you can click on that picture to purchase!


Below are easy and simple options for women to throw on a dress and some booties! You can always add a scarf and tights if it is too cold out!


Below are easy and comfortable yet handsome looks for men to wear. I usually go towards men wearing a patterned shirt because they can rock it and help bring everyone together in that one shirt. Try pairing their top with khaki pants, dark jeans, or a colored pair of jeans to mix things up. You can also have the man wear a vest or jacket if it’s too cold! I always have Jay wearing cute shoes for colder seasoned sessions because you will see his feet and you want them to look nice. ( I will say Jay usually has to size up in Old Navy jeans)

Baby Girl

I obviously don’t have any little girls to dress but if I did I would most likely put them in tights with either a cute ruffle romper or dress! You can add a long sleeve underneath for warmth and a hat or bonnet!

Baby Boy

I prefer to dress my boys in the atypical button up flannel shirts and instead a plain colored shirt or onesie and a pant romper or cute pants and suspenders. It’s fun to dress them up every once in a while in clothes that you usually wouldn’t put them in so this is a great time to break out that uncomfortable outfit for them to wear for a couple hours! Baby Bonnets are my thing, I’m obsessed, and would definitely dress my baby boy in a bonnet if it’s cold or add it on half way through the session to mix things up!

Toddler Girl

Toddler girls have so many cute options! Dresses are always a go to for me when buying gifts as I think they are easy and comfortable. Add cute patterned leggings or plain colored tights to mix with a patterned dress for an adorable easy look. Little booties are perfect for fall otherwise mary janes are what I would buy my little girl! Hats and cute jackets can always be added as well if it’s too cold out!

Toddler Boy

I actually LOVE dressing little boys! There may be lots of little girls clothes out there but there are also a lot of little boys clothes! When it comes to fall think of layering and sticking to a neutral color pallet. I rarely buy my kids clothing with graphics or writing on them because I like every opportunity to take pictures of them and when you have plain jane clothing that you can layer and mix and match it just makes it so much easier and personally I find it to be much cuter! This year I had Oliver wear a cute vest, with a plain grey long sleeve underneath, skinny jeans, and boots! I also like to roll up his jeans at the bottom and have him show off his high patterned socks. Adds a pop of wild without being too crazy!

This is my first family picture post where I post ideas of what your family could wear so I hope you enjoy what I’ve posted. Much of what I posted above are items that we currently own or items that I would buy for myself and my family! Keep in mind that you do not need to use everything posted to make a great outfit, you can take items that you currently have and then pick a few items from above that would go perfectly with your outfits. I chose to stick to browns, ivory, maroons, navy blues, or olive greens.. all colors that I believe are perfect for fall.

You can also visit one of my favorite motherhood/style bloggers Lynzy and Co for her most recent family fall picture ideas post too! I will be posting another fall family outfit blog next week so be sure to message me or comment below to let me know what you want to see!!

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