Fall Family Photos 2018

We had family photos this past Monday. Some people might say we get our photos done too often, but to me it’s so worth that time and investment because these are pictures that will last forever and help me remember those memories when I’m old and grey. If you’re on the fence about getting family photos done, do it. I honestly don’t think you will regret it and you will have beautiful pictures to look back on!

I uploaded a few of my favorites from our session and listed all our outfit details below!

All photos above taken by: Samantha Cater Photography

Jay’s Outfit: Shirt // Pants // Shoes

Mari’s Outfit: Dress // Boots or Here // Necklace

Oliver Outfit: Long sleeve // Vest // pants // shoes

Attikus’s Outfit: Onesie // Romper // shoes // Bonnet

Hope you enjoyed today’s post and I inspired you to just go for it when it booking that family session!