Family Pictures #2


My outfit inspo above for women was simple and easy attire that you may already have. Skinny jeans paired with cute fall booties make for the perfect bottom half. On top you could either wear a long sleeve with a cardigan or nice jacket, possibly a scarf (some of my favorites linked above) or just put on an oversized sweater and possibly tuck it in the front of your pants!

Always do your hair and wear makeup! Pictures make you look washed out usually, so I always have a lip gloss or lipstick on hand to give my lips some color! You can shop my current favorite HERE


I think dressing men is the easiest part of family pictures. They usually look good in just about everything and all they have to do is their hair and put their clothes on! (Must be rough) Above I’ve linked again some super simple and easy ways to style your man. Both of the jeans I linked are pairs that Jay has and loves! I dress him in those all the time, and truly think that dark jeans are the way to go as they are sleek and can be dressed up. Pair those with a nice pair of shoes, which both pairs I link Jay also has and loves that brand! Super comfortable and stylish. As for the top I usually go for a long sleeve Henley, the button down spices the plane t-shirt up and is a nice option if you don’t want to do the whole flannel or complete button down! You can add a layer like a nice coat or if they’re into sweaters, a nice clean neutral sweater would go nicely as well!

Little Boy

I always thought finding cute boy clothes would be hard but I tell ya what.. I buy more shit for my boys than I do myself! It’s just so dang cute! Oliver is a bean pole so I always put him in skinny jeans and nice oxfords or recently I bought him a nice pair of winter boots that can be worn when we’re out and about! (linked above!) A button down top with either a jacket or cardigan or vest is always a cute option!

Little Girl

We obviously don’t have any girls but Oh how fun would that be to dress a little girl! I think that little girls in dresses or skirts paired with tights and cute booties or mary janes is just adorable! You could put her in a nice blouse or sweater on top and layer with a nice coat or furry vest! Lots of cute options linked above!


I linked outfits for both a baby girl or baby boy above! Other than the obvious girl choices like dresses or ruffle overalls, if I had a little girl I would dress her similar to my little boy but I’d slap a bow on her! Of course, tights or leggings paired with a dress or romper is absolutely adorable, overalls with a cute under onesie would be cute for either a boy or a girl! Dress them in a hat or cute turban hat I linked above for a little girl! Shoes aren’t necessary if you’ll be holding them the entire time, just put some warm socks on them and they’ll be good! Don’t stress over baby shoes, they fit for like 2 seconds anyways.


  1. Bring a cozy but cute blanket to either snuggle up with or sit on during your session!

  2. Like I said in my last family picture post, bring layers. The weather can be unpredictable and that way you have choices to warm up or take layers off!

  3. Bring a cute toy! A lot of times I bring a wood truck or toy that will help keep them engaged but also will look cute in the photo! DON’T bring that obnoxious colorful toy that you’ll regret later on lol

  4. Don’t stress. Easier said than done but get your outfits ready a couple days prior and start thinking about your outfits probably a month in advance in case you do need to order a few new items! REMEMBER to start with what you have and then add new items as you see fit!

  5. Keep smiling! You may get frustrated with un-cooperating children, but it is what it is. Actually these tend to be my favorite photos because they are candid and that’s life! Just keep your smile on your face so that when you get your photos back you aren’t upset that you aren’t smiling in most of them! Plus hey! At least you look good... right!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Happy shopping and get those family pictures scheduled! You won’t ever regret having pictures of your family to look back on!