Attikus 9 Months

Where does the time go, a common saying that many moms say when referring to their children, but it’s so true. The days can be long, but the months even years go by wayyy too fast! Taking professional milestone pics is just something I’ve done since Oliver was 6 months old and I am so happy I do because I have timeless, pictures to look back on that are not only on my iphone.

I love to keep things simple when dressing both myself and my children for pics. I find that when I feel most comfortable is when I look and feel the greatest. As for my kids, they’re always cute (not biased lol) but I love to dress them in simple and timeless outfits. These are pictures I am going to look back on and I want to remember those days by just looking at these photos!

Attikus’s Outfit:

Onesie Jaimie Kay

White Bloomers: August Bear

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