Why AMARA Baby food is next to the Best

I think it's easy to want to make our own baby food for our children, after all we want whats best for them and typically homemade is the way to achieve that. However, in the thick of motherhood it's not always easy to find the time. I'll be honest, with both of my children I've always started out super eager and excited to start making them purees and begin the food eating adventure but I soon realize how much work it is and resort to buying "some" off the shelf baby food because having two kids doesn't always allow me to spend the entire Sunday afternoon meal prepping for my 8 month old.

I feel like making homemade baby food is "the thing to do" and you see all these great recipes on Pinterest, and you buy all these cute storage containers, and you begin the process really solid, but then it comes time to feed your baby. Will he like it? Does it taste good? What if I spent all that time and money on making homemade baby food just to find out he won't eat it?! Yes, typically baby's take a couple days to get accustom to the new textures, tastes, and the overall process of eating solids, but after a while they should grow to like eating and trying new foods. So you have to be patient, persistent, and positive to show them that eating is a good thing! Duh..However, sometimes homemade baby food doesn't always turn out how you wanted it to. The texture doesn't look or taste right and then your stuck with all that not so appetizing homemade puree and you run to store to just buy a "few" pouches to get you through the next couple days, and you feel super discouraged about your baby food making process fail, and those days turn into weeks and before you know it, you've got a whole drawer full! Anyone else relate to this... (insert raise your hand emoji here)

Have you ever felt guilty for buying those sugary pouches or jars of baby food? I'll be honest, I totally have. Mainly because I feel like a "bad mom" if I don't make my baby all organic, natural, and healthy baby purees. It's silly really! Who cares if you make it or buy it, you're feeding your baby and you are doing a great job! I still buy pouches for quick on the go snacks, but I'm careful as to which ones I buy and I always stay clear of the meat ones (Like is that chicken and squash suppose to be sitting on the shelf at room temperature, that just weirds me out!) I tend to lean towards flavors and ingredients that I myself would eat. So when I found out about AMARA baby food I was super excited to try them out! They were ranked the second best baby food in 2017 and recently launched their products in Whole Foods Grocery Stores. A baby food you can buy in the stores and not feel guilty about!

AMARA baby food uses organic fruits and vegetables that are grown without pesticides. Are non GMO, and gluten free. No additives, or fillers are used, just whole ingredients that you can feel good about feeding your little one. Their method uses a unique process to cold and pressure lock in the essential nutrients of the fruits and vegetables, giving it a number of nutritional advantages. Most store bought baby food uses repeated high heat processes to create their shelf food life, concentrating high sugar contents and less nutrients. AMARA baby food is just the opposite, and something I can feed my baby guilt free. Their pouches are super light weight and thin, making it easy to pack one in your pocket, purse or diaper bag and head out the door. Just mix with water, breast milk or formula, and it's ready to eat!

At 8 months Attikus is enjoying more solid textures, especially trying to get those teeth in so I wish I would of found out about them sooner! Thankfully the stage 2 pouches are textured and full of flavor, which he loves! He is also Mr. Independent and prefers to feed himself so I actually make the pouches and put them in a reusable pouch for him so he can feed himself! I myself, have tried each flavor and they are so fresh tasting, they smell delicious and taste so good. Even Jay tried them all and was super impressed by the flavor they each held! They're not like most other baby foods that all taste the same and have the same texture. 

I am so happy with these products and "if" we have another baby, this will be the baby food of choice! The cost is reasonable compared to other store bought. You can get 5 pouches for 10.99, 7 pouches for 15.99 and variety packs for 39.99. Keep in mind they are essentially the next best baby food aside from making your own, making your life simpler and giving you more time to spend with your family on those Sunday afternoons. It's a price that I'm willing to pay to make my life easier, spend more time with my kiddos, and feel good about what I'm feeding my baby. 

Not looking to venture out to your local Whole Foods Store? AMARA now offers their baby food on AMAZON. YIPPEE! 

Visit AMARA to shop their products and learn more about their exceptional baby food! If you decide to order off their site you can S A V E 15% and FREE shipping by using Code: ONLYTHEBEST at checkout! I highly recommend this convenient, nutrient packed, and flavorful baby food and you can bet I'll be using AMARA for the next babe!


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