A life update and Products I'm loving right now

Our sweet Sonny boy is 3 weeks old already. It feels as though he’s been with us forever as we adjust to life with all five of us. Boy does he enjoy eating.. I’ve created a mama loving, cluster feeding, baby wearing little piraña and I guess if he’s really my last I can’t get too upset. I think life is getting a tad easier.. a tad! Simply because I feel like I’m almost back to myself as far as healing goes. Man, those first few days/weeks are rough because you are trying to heal, you’re in pain, but you just gotta do what you gotta do and life goes on, you still have to be a mom, you still have to take care of your family and once you can get past that point you finally start to get in the groove.

Although he’s gaining weight and eats like a champ, he’s a skinny little nugget. He definitely has the Wagamon genes as far as skinny chicken legs go.. poor dude lol So he does still fit into newborn diapers (which Attikus NEVER wore!) and newborn onesies, but he’s tall so newborn sleepers don’t fit! His latch is getting better, and I’m just about done writing my blog post about our difficult time breastfeeding.. for now the chiropractor is helping immensely and we actually all started going and we love it! Our family friends own Restore Chiropractic in Maple Grove, MN and I highly suggest going to see them, they are amazing and have so many stories of healing just in the year that they’ve been open! If you go, tell them Mari sent you!

Our middle child, wild child, Tasmanian.. Attikus is just as he sounds! A handful. Gosh I love his sweet soul, but man is he busy. Constantly getting into everything, climbing on everything. I will come out of a room and find him on top of the countertops! In the dishwasher, on the table, in the pantry with everything out of it. Coloring markers on my furniture! He may be busy but he’s so full of life, loves loves loves books and is so sweet with Sonny. Wants to always hold him, kiss him and give him hugs all while saying “HHhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiii” in his sweet 1.5 year old voice!

Oliver is such a good big brother. He’s grown up so much since bringing Sonny home. He helps out much more than I thought he would, and loves on both of his brothers so nicely. It just melts my heart and I love watching him grow into the young little man that he is. Preschool drop off is a little more difficult, carrying one on my hip so he doesn’t run away, carrying the carseat on the other hip, and holding Oliver’s hand while we walk inside. Ughh.. the hardest part of going anywhere is getting them all in the car!! Literally dread it.

Things I can’t live without right now

Mamaroo: My older boys actually didn’t care for this gadget, but Sonny seems to enjoy it and it’s easy to just set him in there if I need to do something quick! SHOP HERE

Solly baby wrap: Sonny is exceptionally gassy and sitting upright and on me seems to help keep him somewhat calm. SHOP HERE

Comotomo Bottles: I love the design of these bottles and how they mimic your breast. There are tons of bottles out there that are suppose to be great for going back and forth between bottle and breastfeeding but we’ve had such success so far with these! SHOP HERE

HonestCo Diaper Bag: I love that this is an actual backpack so it feels really nice while wearing it. It also features a cooler if you pump and store your milk in it, and has plenty of room for itty bitty diapers as well as Attikus’ giant diapers! SHOP HERE

UPPA baby carseat and stroller: Yes, this stroller is expensive BBBUUUTTTT I cannot say enough about how much we love it. We’ve actually used this carseat with all 3 kiddos now which to me makes it super worth it! The stroller is so nice because you can easily click the carseat in and go, plus we have the skateboard attachment that Attikus has been riding on into preschool drop off and its been a life saver. SHOP HERE

Halo Sleep sack: sooo obviously back is best, and babies love to be swaddled, but I can never seem to keep my own babes swaddled in just an ordinary swaddle blanket. I’m great while at work with the NICU babes but my kids seem to maneuver out if them. These sleep sacks are great for keeping them warm snug as a bug. SHOP HERE

Hand mits: Why are babies born with claws lol I’ve been keeping Sonny’s hands covered with little mits to not only stop him from scratching himself but to help fight those pesky germs that are flying around this time of year. For whatever reason everyone seems to go straight for the hands when they meet or see anew baby, which usually end up going straight to their mouth and all those nasty germs become a nasty cold! SHOP HERE

Blanqi Maternity Leggings: These leggings are seriously the BEST! I have been living in them because they suck me in, make me feel a littler skinnier and they are HIGH RISE up to my breast so when I go to nurse I am still covered up in my midsection. I highly recommend getting these leggings for after baby, you will not be disappointed. SHOP HERE or HERE

Nose Sucker: This is our saving grace this winter season. It is one of the best products I’ve ever bought because it sucks all those nasty boogers out of your kids nose in a gently way. It’s electric, plugs into the wall and works sooo sooo good. Especially for those little babes who don’t know how to “blow” their nose. A little on the spendier side but I think it’s totally worth the money! SHOP HERE

Spectra Breast pump: This pump is sooo nice, I love it way more than I thought it would. I mean its a pump how different could it be from the Medella, but I love love love it. It’s sooo gentle, it has cycles you can program, its much more gentle on your nipples, and it’s portable, doesn’t have to be plugged in and I can literally charge it and then take it wherever I need it to be in my house!

Thanks for stopping by! XOXO Mari