S E V E N Months of Attikus


SEVEN Months


Where do I begin? I can start by saying I #failed by not writing a post on his 5-6 month updates and I just today wrote in that dreaded baby book of his and the anxiety hit me like a ton a bricks when I opened up my notes in my phone labeled "5 months Attikus" and all it said was eating solids... yea that was super helpful! NOT. So I frantically scrolled through my phone to try and help jog any memory of what he did during those months and came up with his clothing size, diaper size and that he started eating solids. Super.. #lifegoeson I'm for real telling you, do the dreaded baby book as they grow because it's nearly impossible to catch up months later and it sucks. I wrote some helpful tips on how to get started on your own baby book if you want to check that out HERE!

Anywho.. My sweet chunky boy is 7 months old. I keep saying that it sounds weird to say, like he sounds super old and I really don't know how time went that fast. I mean I've got an idea but com' on! Slow Down. So the STATS. He's 19 1/2 pounds, 27 inches tall and wears size 4 diapers. Just today I pulled out all the 12-18 month clothes bins because his chunky little thighs can't fit into his just 12 month clothes! I put him to bed in 18 month jammies... my baby! I literally just packed those bins away when we moved into this house because Oliver had just grown out of them. He's a bean pole though, definitely a Wagamon. 

Attikus has enough hair to do a comb over, but its so dang thin. He got my hair., poor kid. Still no teeth, but they've been bothering him much more recently. His thighs are so chunky, like he doesn't even have rolls they're so big, if that even makes any sense! When his leg is straight, it has a huge fat roll above his knee.. and I just love it. His arms remind me of the michilan man or pillsbury dough boy. His eyes are still so expressive, and bright blue. He smiles non stop, however he does scowl at unfamiliar faces or people he doesn't see often. Stranger danger. He loves to pull hair and hit/rub you. I think he's just getting a sense of how his hands work. He can fully sit up by himself and roll over both ways. Loves to jump in his exersaucer, but when prompted to stand or try and walk, he's got no interest. He can reach for toys and pick them up, bring them to his mouth and switch toys from hand to hand. He still loves sucking on his pointer finger, and when he lays on his back he loves grabbing his feet and sometimes sucking on them!

Sleep has kind of regressed since his 4 month post. He still sleeps in his dock-a-tot although I think I need to upgrade to the deluxe, unless I just take it away completely and put him in his crib. IDK what I want to do yet. He wakes up about 2-3 times now-a-days to nurse, but then goes right back to bed and sleeps til around 7-8am. He's still nursing about 4-5 times during the day, but is enjoying much more solids and food from moms plate. He loves those yogurt melts and puffs! 

On February 15th, we'll take him to get a consult for his un-descended right testicle. He'll have his First Valentines Day, and at the end of the month we travel to Cabo San Lucas for a family vaca and that will be his first time on a flight! 

I can't say enough about how much we all adore this boy. Oliver is so in love with him and Attikus just lights up every time he even looks at him. They're growing relationship just melts my heart and it's so amazing to see how much they truly care for one another. 

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo Mari