5 Months: Attikus

My sweet boy is 5 months old, well he was on November 28th. I can't believe how fast time is flying by and we're already in December and we're already gonna celebrate his first Christmas! (key the sob sounds now) Where do I begin.. He's 18 pounds 5 ounces, probably 24ish inches tall and he's got a big 'ol charlie brown head with light brown hair that now lays flat on his head. This makes me sad because I loved when it was fuzzy and would stick straight up! Oliver had the same hair at this age too. 

He's still the sweetest boy ever. Cries rarely, a little more this month with teething going on but I can't complain! He literally smiles all the time, however he is starting to get that stranger danger and give a scowl or frown face to unfamiliar people that hold him. We've been using that copabia oil on his gums and that seems to take the edge off. He still loves that fist of his, self soothes like a champ with that one finger he likes to suck on and that makes life so much easier for us all!

Attikus is in size 4 diapers (Just one size smaller than Oliver!) and where's anywhere from 9-12 months to 12-18 month clothes.. he doesn't look nearly as chunky in pictures than he does in person or feels when I carry him around all day! His cute booty and little cankles... I can'd deal!

Our routine: LIke I've said before, we don't really have a routine but we have a pattern of how our days usually go. Attikus has been sleeping in his crib for about 3 months now. We still have him in his Dock-a-tot in his crib, with a blanket wrapped below him since he hates being swaddled! He will sleep on a good night from 830-9pm until around 5am, Ill nurse him and then he'll go back to bed until around 7 or 8! Otherwise he does occasionally wake up around 2am and 5am and then is up for the day around 7-8am. We started solids this last month just because I felt so bad eating in front of him when he clearly wanted to eat too, so I try to feed him when Oliver eats breakfast and then we play for a bit until he gets tuckered out. We take morning naps usually around 930-10 which is when I try and squeeze a work out in! Then we're up and doing stuff or go run errands, come back and hopefully all take afternoon naps.. well Oliver and Attikus since I'm not a napper. Evenings are pretty hectic these days with our Wagawoods shop up and running and that's the only time we can really work on things together, but I'm excited and hopeful that all things will work out how they are suppose to!

So we started solids at like exactly 5 months. I was so strict with Oliver on the whole allergy thing and really spacing every food out waiting a week.. yada yada yada, but that was a lot of work on top of making all his baby food which didn't help out my stress. He was never a really good eater, and he still isn't the best but making your own food takes a lot of time and preparation and when he didn't want to eat anything I would get discouraged and give up. Soooo this time around, I'm taking a more baby led approach. Attikus started showing interest in food at like 4 months, but I held off until he hit 5. His first food was just mushed up banana. I did get some baby cereal, which he isn't a fan of but I know this time around I just need to be patient and keep trying. So far we've given him a rib bone (most of the meat was eaten off it, so it was mainly for teething! and he loved it!) avocado, noodles, carrots, peas, cereal, pear, apple sauce that I made, and then he loves the little wafer teethers! I pretty much just give him small bits of whatever I'm eating, which makes life wayyyy easier!

Some fun facts about Attikus. 

  • LOVES: to stick his tongue out, suck on his lips, chomp on his hands, your hands, toys. He reaches for everything and he's seriously so strong. Whenever I take a drink of water he grabs the brim of the cup and yanks it towards him! He kicks his little feet when he's hanging out in his chair or when your holding him and it's so cute! He found his tongue and loves to stick it out at you! He adores his big brother, like seriously loves him so much. He lights up whenever Oliver comes near him or talks to him or hangs on him and it just melts my momma heart! He likes to bounce in his exer-soucer, falls asleep on car rides. He recently enjoys being held, like all the time lol but I can't complain, soon he won't want to!
  • DISLIKES: I don't really think this boy dislikes anything, he's pretty laid back and go with the flow! He of course hates teething... the wind, cold, or sitting up by himself for too long lol other than that I can't think of much he doesn't like!