Christmas Cookie Exchange

Last Friday I hosted a Christmas Cookie Exchange with some girlfriends and it was so fun! We all wore Ugly Sweaters, enjoyed some yummy soup and wine, and made a complete mess of my kitchen making lots of goodies to share with everyone. It was the perfect party to have right before the holidays because now when I go to a christmas event I need to bring something to, I can pull out my tupperware of cookies and bring some along with whatever else I make! Plus instead of having a ton of one variety of cookie, I have several to choose from, and I call that a win! 

I told everyone to bring enough ingredients to make 2-3 batches of cookies for everyone to be able to take some home with them. Some people chose to make them in advance and then were able to just enjoy each others company more throughout the night! Others brought their dough with then cooked them when they got to my house. My friend Sam brought her ginger bread dough over and I don't have a rolling pin for some odd reason (if you know me, I have every kitchen utensil imaginable!) so she used Oliver's that he plays with his play-dough lol

I had Egg nog to spike with rum, but I learned that night I'm the only one that likes that christmas cheer in a cup. Sam brought stuff to make salted nut rolls which were super tasty, and then there was wine. You could say mom's nights are da bomb. At least I think so!

I'm so thankful for each and every one of these amazing women I get to call my friends. They each hold a special place in my heart, and I rely on them to help me survive motherhood. It's so fun getting to know new women, become mom friends, have mommy/baby play dates, and go through motherhood together. It's truly amazing the relationships we've created and how strong they've become even after kids, which makes it super special to me and I love that added connection we've gained. 

We shared lots of laughs, made some good memories, and went home with lots of yummy treats to either eat or share with family!! I was terrible at taking photos, but I snapped a few before everyone left and then forgot to take some of all our adorable goodies... but oh well!