HOME: Bringing Attikus home

The day we brought Attikus home I was so dang emotional. With the measles outbreak going on, Oliver wasn't able to come visit him in the hospital which made me very sad and then bringing this new baby into our home and them meeting for the first time I was so worried that Oliver would be sad...ugh it must be a mom thing! Well, Oliver was fine. Actually, he didn't even really care or mind. I think because we had so many visitors and company all the time that he kept busy and his life didn't really change, he still got a lot of attention! It took him about 2 months to actually hold attikus, he wanted nothing to do with him unless we forced attikus in his arms lol 

When I was pregnant with I prepared myself for the worst in terms of having a crabby baby. I say this because Oliver was the most cranky newborn. He cried all the time, wouldn't let you set him down, only slept for 1 hour increments, and only liked to be held facing outwards! So when I say I prepared for the worst..I prepared for another child just like him! Thankfully I hit the baby jackpot with Attikus. He's a dream and sweetest thing. He hardly cries, loves to be talked to, is sooo expressive with his eyes, and is the best snuggle bunny. My mom calls him a sack of potatoes because he totally is just limp and squishy and chunky and just curls his little legs and feet right up to his chest and snuggles right into you. Literally melts into your arms and its the most precious thing. 

A lot of my pics (other than my crappy iphone pics) are from my amazing mother or my friend Sam. Both of them take amazing photos and I love their work. I don't know what it is about having professional family photos for like every season, but I have to get them done and if I don't I get anxiety. It's probably my photographer mother who instilled into me that I need LOTS of family photos so LOTS of family photos we take... Although my husband doesn't feel the same way! You can check out their work here. Enjoy!

Melanie Johnson

 Samantha Cater