BEST: Baby Items

I've put together a few items that I love to have with a newborn. Note, not everything works for every baby but these are just a few that I love! Click on the picture below and the link will bring you to the site you can purchase it at!

  1. Nose Sucker- I'm not kidding, no nose fridda or nose sucker works better than the one that they send home with you from the hospital! Something about its suction just gets the toughest boogers out, I swear!
  2. DockAtot- I love this item because you can take it anywhere, set it anywhere and basically place your baby in it anywhere. The padded cushions alongside the entire outside is ideal in making your baby feel secure and comfortable. It creates "boundaries" for them, something I learned working in the NICU. Giving babies boundaries gives them the feeling of the being in the womb, something they can press against with their tiny feet/arms and feel secure. So this item is perfect in doing that and you don't have to use rolled up blankets!
  3. The Ergo 360- You can also purchase the infant insert which is amazing at keeping those itty bitty babes all curled up on your chest. This carrier is amazing in providing back support so its perfect for those long walks. I also love that you can continue to use this item for basically years.. I can still put Oliver in it on my back like I'm giving him a piggy back ride, except for handsfree! 
  4. Kickee Pants Swaddle Blanket- This blanket is the softest blanket I've ever felt and its perfect for swaddling those tiny babes up like a burrito. You can get them swaddled extra tight, which is exactly how my boys liked it. 
  5. Carters Gowns- You guys, I love baby gowns. They are so easy for those first few weeks when you're at home and not venturing out. You just slip the gown up to change their diaper and slip it back down, no buttons, zippers or fuss. Quick and easy and one of my all time favs. Believe me, you want fast and easy because they go through dirty diapers like its their day job!
  6. Velcro Swaddle Sack- These are perfect for at night. I love that they have velcro on them so they stay secure when they wiggle at night, unlike a swaddle blanket they can just maneuver out of. Neither of my boys liked their arms swaddled, so I just velcro'd it across their chest and it helped keep them from waking themselves up from kicking their feet and startling themselves. 
  7. Gerber white onsies- You can never have enough of these basic white onsies. I prefer the gerber brand because they are light weight and perfect for layering underneath sleepers or pants. 
  8. Kickee Pants Sleeper- Again, this brand is so dang soft. I love these sleepers on my kids because they fit so snug to their skin and are light weight and soft. They come in lots of different styles and patterns but run a little on the spendy-er side. If you're looking to splurge, go for these!
  9. Briar Bonnet- With winter around the corner I posted this bonnet because I love bonnets on babies. I've got about 4 for Attikus right now and I love them 1. because they are cute, 2. because they stay on their heads perfectly and don't slip down over their eyes like hats do and 3. because they also come in fleece lined which is perfect for this cold weather. 
  10. Butt Paste- Look no further, this stuff works the best! It literally cures any type of sore butt in hours. I don't buy any other type of butt paste. 
  11. UPPA baby- Okay, this stroller is expensive but sooo worth it. It literally glides like a cadillac. It's so easy to push, creates no extra work, and you'll love it once you try it out. Some things I like about it is that it comes with a bassinet, toddler seat and the stroller frame. I use the bassinet for Attikus to sleep in right next to my bed for the first few months (you can buy the hamper base that the bassinet can attach to so that its lifted off the floor). I also love it because the mesa carseat clicks right in and out of the stroller with the touch of one hand. Its so easy and convenient, you can't go wrong with this stroller combo. 
  12. Graco Swing- So I do have a mamaroo, but neither of my kids liked it. They loved the swing and this is a similar one to the one I currently use. I don't know what it is about it, but they instantly fall asleep once in. Dream purchase.