Attikus Hawkins, now a whopping 18 pounds at 3.5 months is the happiest baby I've ever met. Literally just a dream and the sweetest thing. When he was born he preferred to sleep in my arms at night.. melt my heart and nurse anywhere between 3-5 times. He had the most explosive poops and would blow out of his clothes daily, probably even hourly lol He never cried just whimpered if he needed his pants changed or was hungry or wanted attention. Like I said and continue to say he is the sweetest little human and brings so much joy to our lives, we wouldn't want it any other way. 

Funny story. When he was 2 weeks old we got him circumcised by his Pediatrician outpatient (they didn't offer it in the hospital) and at that appointment I was undressing him down to his diaper to then bring him to the scale but noticed it was pretty full so I decided to change it before we made our way out to get him weighed. I wiped his butt and bam...poop literally flew across the exam table onto the wall and was dripping yellow mustard seedy breast milk poop down the brown colored paint. Disgusting I know. To top it off I forgot his size diapers so I improvised and put him in his big brothers size 5 diaper to bring him to the scale. It covered half his body and came up to his nipples. Pretty sure the nurse thought I was crazy and a complete hot mess.. which I was. I mean he just $!*t everywhere! I was sweating and so frazzled. All the while Oliver is yelling at me "MOM, MOMMY, MUM, MOM..I WANT NACKS" because he wanted me to open fruit snacks for him and get my phone working so he could watch something! Luckily my mom was on her way down from Alexandria to help save the day and together we laughed and sweat it off! UGH... all I can say is good times, good times.  

Photos taken by: Samantha Cater Photography