FOUR: Month old Attikus

My sweet boy is FOUR months old already. It really is true what they say.. "The days are long but the weeks, months, and years fly by"! UGHHH, but seriously I say this all the time He is the best baby, a dream and he has made our lives filled with so much more love and happiness. I don't think he gets enough kisses throughout the day (wink wink) and enough squeezes lol if you've seen him in person thats all you want to do because he's just so dang squishy. 

At four months he's basically sleeping through the night, by that I mean he wakes up once between 3-5am which makes this momma feel like a million bucks in the morning. We transitioned him to his crib a couple weeks ago and he sleeps in his DockAtot that's in it. We stopped swaddling him with a blanket and just use the velcro swaddles to wrap around his chest since he sleeps with his arms above his head.. and then scratches his face during the night. I cut his nails all the time but they grow like weeds. 

He's not a fussy baby. He pretty much just goes with the flow and will chill or do whatever you want him to. If he does get cranky its because he needs a pants change, he wants his alone time, or he wants the boob lol We started putting him in his exersaucer this month and mamas&papas chair to sit in while mom cooks or works in the kitchen. I also noticed that he's started to reach for toys or show interest in holding on to them. 

He's been drooling like crazy for about a month now. His pediatrician thought at his 2mo visit he was beginning to teeth, so I'm curious when those first ones will pop through. He finds comfort in sucking on his pointer finger, but really just loves to gnaw on his entire hand. He loves to nurse but on his time and he's getting to that stage where he's starting to fidget or get distracted. Yay.. I think we'll start to introduce solid food at 6months. We started with Oliver at 4 and he's the worst eater so I'm just trying something new this time around. 

He's just about into size 4 diapers and wears mostly 6 month clothing but 6-9mo or 6-12mo fits as well. His blow outs are still gigantic and every time he farts we take cover! haha no joke. The tub is relaxing for him and I love washing all those adorable rolls. Have you seen his BUTT, its legit and I've got all the heart eyes for it. Also.. his fuzzy hair. 

We go on walks together. Sometimes in the carrier and sometimes in the stroller. He loves his swing, takes naps in his crib most days. Big brother has taken more interest in him and calls him his baby or "broder Attitus" and if he's crying he likes to tell him "ssssssss" to be quiet lol 

Mommy goes back to work this month, straight nights so Daddy's on his own! I think it will be good for us, although I'm a little nervous/sad it's only part time. I can do it! Lastly, he weighs about 18 pounds and I think he's growing taller but we'll see at his 4mo well child coming up!