BODY: After Baby

Ok so I'm terrible with self image. Before I got pregnant with Oliver I would consider myself to be in my best shape yet, and yea.. I worked out twice a day, drank meal replacement shakes twice a day and had all the time in the world to focus on working out. Now after two children, lets get real.. I'm lucky if I can get one half hour workout in before both boys wake up and Oliver is screaming for toast and Attikus wants the boob. 

My body after baby is something I've really struggled with. With each pregnancy I tell myself I'm gonna eat healthy, work out, and not over indulge so that after this baby comes its easier to get back in shape. HA yea right... do you even know me?! I have the biggest sweet tooth of all time and pregnancy only makes it worse. Or is it just an excuse I use to eat all the desserts all the time! Either way, I always get down on myself as soon as I deliver because that pouch just doesn't go away. If you've had a child you can relate, you look six months pregnant AFTER you deliver. I remember being mortified after having Oliver to show Jay what my body looked like. I never wanted to be intimate, and I always covered up. Believe me, I loved being pregnant, I love childbirth even more, and love both of my boys.. but body after baby is just something you have to get use to. 

I think the hardest part for me was feeling like a slob, yet having no energy to work out or even any time. Oliver was constantly wanting me to hold him, I couldn't set him down which made it impossible for me to work out. I know some of you are thinking, "well just put him down and let him cry, its only 30 minutes, blu ble bla". BUT for me I would just get frustrated and then give up and basically say F*CK it, I'll just be fat. lol 

After having Attikus I really took a step back and learned to embrace my body. I've grown and birthed two incredibly amazing little boys. My body did that. I freaking rock. Yea I don't have abs, I've got cellulite, and saggy ass tits but who cares. My husband loves me for who I am and I need to just be okay with all of that. Obviously I'm not going to fit into my "skinny" jeans the second I pop out that child. Yes, I'm gonna live in my robe and oversized shirts/jays boxers for like a month, but I know that with time and hard work I will and can get to a place that I love my body again. 

I started working out after Attikus at 7 weeks. What works for me are Jillian Michaels home workout videos. You can purchase HERE and she't got a lot of different videos to choose from! They are full body, high intensity, low to no weights and typically 30 minutes. I get a good sweat in which is the kind of work out I need to feel like I did something. I try to get it done in the morning either before the boys wake up, if I'm not feeling like a zombie myself or after they wake up and I've got Oliver breakfast to munch on and Attikus goes down for his morning nap. 

I'm now almost four months postpartum and I feel good about my body. I can tell the difference already in not just how I look but how I feel in my clothes and how I feel energy-wise. I don't stress about getting my workout in, instead I improvise. I'll go for a walk with the boys, or substitute cleaning my house while the boys are napping. I try to look at it as a want, not a need. That way when I don't get to it I don't get upset and I just strive to do it later on in the day or make up for it in another way. 

My note to all you mommas out there.. 

  • ENJOY those early days. Soak up all the tiny newborn snuggles and try not to worry about what your body looks like. You are Beautiful. 
  • WAIT until your OB clears you. Your body needs to heal and you've got years to get back in shape, a couple weeks longer won't hurt to wait to get back into the swing of things. 
  • KEEP it light and carefree. If you need to work out with your babe, then do the freaking work out with your babe on your hip. Yes, I've worn Oliver before lol 
  • FIND a workout or activity that works for you. If you prefer to go to the gym and drop your little one off, do that. If you'd rather go for walks with your babe, do that. Do whatever works for you. 
  • DRINK lots of water. Something I'm terrible at but try to stay hydrated throughout the day not only to keep my supply up but it keeps me more full so I'm not snacking all day long.. another thing I'm terrible at. 
  • SET an example for your babes that working out and staying active is a priority in your life. Happy mommy= Happy baby for the most part! 
  • KNOW that you are amazing. You're doing the best you can and you're rocking that mom bod like a boss! You'll get there, you will. It just takes time.