BOOKS: Baby Books that Is

Okay, so I've had a few people ask where I got my baby books for my boys and the truth is my mom got them for me. I actually dread writing in them. I don't know what it is but I get so overwhelmed, frazzled, and anxious about writing the "perfect" stuff that I just don't want to do it. I also can't decide which photos to put in them and lord knows I have about a bajillion and five to choose from so it shouldn't really be that hard but it is. I mean, I do want it to be perfect for them but really I should just be making it for myself because I'll be the one to cherish these memories the most when I'm grey and old and can smile and look back at old memories like it was yesterday. 

Recently I just jumped right in and actually got all caught up on Attikus and about half way through Oliver's. I felt like REALLY good about myself after that day.. like I was so productive. (lol) So I just wanted to share a few tips with you about how to get started, what brand of book I have and share some ideas of things to write. I'm no expert, but I hope this helps you get the motivation to sit down and get er done because I know you'll love looking back some day, it's just a sappy mom thing. 

  1. For starters, If you dread doing it start by getting a book thats short and sweet, simple and doesn't require you to write a lot if you don't want to. Lucy Darling has really cute and fairly inexpensive options and you can get them off amazon HERE
    •  Plus it qualifies for PRIME for all my amazon obsessors
  2.  Write stuff down as it happens. I know this sounds daunting and you always think to yourself "Oh, Ill for sure remember this" but you DON'T! My mom always said this to me and I believe it 100%. What I did with Oliver was type up stuff in my notes app on my phone which made it super easy to look back and fill in his book. 
  3. Takes notes monthly. Most books go by months for the first year and then taper off to years, so literally write down everything and anything you can think of at that time. For instance, I always wrote down the size diapers Oliver was in and what size clothes he wore at what age. When I was working on their books the other day I read Oliver was in size 3 diapers until he was 15 months and Attikus is literally about to outgrow them at 3 months! I would have never remembered that and its just fun to look back and see silly things I wrote down. 
  4. If you like keepsakes, keep their hospital bands, footprints, hats or anything else to tape into their book. I kept Oliver's first haircut and taped it in their and will probably keep his first tooth (I know, I'm weird) But things like this make the book special and create character. 
  5. Some months I had more written down than other months but there wasn't enough room on the page to write it all so what I did was cut a notecard in half and write on that and slipped it in that page. Since Oliver started talking I like to write down some "funny" things that he says or does and its seriously the best to look back and laugh with family about the goofy things he's said to people. 
  6. Lastly, just have fun with it. These are your memories, not anyone else's so it doesn't matter how you write it out. You're the one who's going to remember it anyways! So don't worry about what your writing looks like, or how you worded a memory. Just fill it in and feel good about it. I know when I'm done I'll be happy with what I wrote and excited to share those memories with my boys. 

As you can see Attikus was really digging this little photo sesh