Welcome to our space, we're so happy you're here! We are the Wagamon Family. Jay, Mari, Oliver (3) and Attikus (1 year), and expecting our third bundle of joy coming this November, plus our two giant pups Oakly and Loui. We live in Minnesota, just north of the cities in our 1970s Ranch style home that we are slowly fixing up and making our own. Jay works full time (50+ hours a week) as a Mechanical/Sales Engineer and Mari works Part-time as a NICU Nurse. We started WagaWOODS&goods in October after making a few gifts for our friends and that soon turned into a small shop that we do in our "spare" time! We are constantly creating new products/designs and look for ways to improve our products and grow. Click on the SHOP tab above to check out our goods and if you're looking to collaborate or partner with us (WagaWoods&goods), please click on the CONTACT tab above. 

If you would like to collaborate with Mari, please click on the CONTACT tab above!

Past Collaborations with: 

Jord Watches ~ @jordwatches

iGogs Sunglasses ~ @igogs

Pink Blush Maternity ~ @shoppinkblush

My Wild Bird Slings ~@mywildbird

Herobility Baby Products ~ @herobility

Will & Fox Reusable Swim Diapers ~ @willandfox

Amara Baby Food ~ @amarababyfood